Hi, I’m Roshel Waite,

Editor and Founder of Roshel In A Rush

It is my hope that this website becomes a collaborative recourse with other people who share the same vision. We aim to have current and former students write/ create content for our website and share their experiences about our niche topics to help others better prepare for what's to come.


Our Purpose

We help Students level up their productivity and thrive in the school of life.

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After spending over 20 years of my life being a student in schools, I have gained a lot of experience. Also, I graduated with a law degree after studying law for 5 years (2 years in college and 3 years in uni).

I want to write content that help students out and make their lives easier and less stressful, from finding a flexible part-time job, money management, study tips and tricks and more!- basically so they can level up their lives and have more fun!.


These are the main categories that we currently focus on:

    The correct way to study for exams/ tests that is scientifically proven to boost your grades with the least amount of stress & effort.
    How to budget your money the right way so that you can escape that broke student cliché- and still have enough money to buy what you want and have fun!
    Make more money online and easy ways to find flexible jobs that fits around your schedule.
    Other stuff not taught in schools, guarantee to make your studies and life easier.


I created this website as a resource to help UK students level up their productivity and thrive in the school of life. Learn things, valuable life skills and more that should be taught in schools. However, I hope its useful for anyone who wants to create a better, more productive and balance life.

Let’s get real, I’m a very direct person, life is long but it can also be short, so lets get to the matter quickly and this hasn’t always served me well. I was never taught how to manage personal relationships in school (or at home). I believe learning how to socialise, network and connect with people would have served me well to create a balance life. 

After experiencing University, I believe traditional schools are an outdated, money making scheme that doesn’t prepare it’s student for the real world.

It doesn't teach you anything about money, how to create it, make more or invest it to create a better future. So, you can be whoever you want and do whatever you want to do before the end. You only get one life. 

In my opinion, any curriculum that doesn't teach students about these things is absolute garbage.

  • How to learn,
  • Economics,
  • Personal finance, 
  • Health, 
  • Psychology, 
  • Basic Law.

Times has changed, school is an outdated, inefficient system that hasn't been updated in over 50 years,. It trains its students to become employees rather than innovative, independent thinkers and entrepreneurs. I get that someone needs to flip the burgers but come on!. Who wants to work for the rest of my life and then rely on the System to pay for retirement. Hell no!.

Old Traditional Formula is below.

Go to School + Study hard + Get a good job + Work for 50 years + Pay into a Pension fund  + Invest in safe stocks = Retire.

Then you can live your life?  WHAT?! really, I don't think so. This is not for me. I knew it, I felt it in my bones towards the end of my 3rd year at university. This was when the idea of getting stuck in a Mon-Fri, 9-5, office desk job felt like a noose around my neck. I'd rather be flipping burgers tbh.

Ask yourself, has learning any of these subjects served you in the real world?.

  • Maths (equations and scientific puzzles, which gave me a headache). 
  • English (memorising poems about people who died a hundred years ago, that will likely never use in your own life).
  • Science (I can't remember anything from my science class, but the word 'photosynthesis' and I was actually paying attention).
  • History (which is biased anyways, depends on which country is writing that book). Contrary to popular believe, history isn't just about 'what happened in America'.
  • Religion- don't get me started- what about people who don't believe in a higher power?.

When you go to university, your profession is defined by the subject you chose to study. E.g. Law- become a lawyer, Medical school- become a doctor, nurse (anything in medical field). I’m sure you get the idea. But it doesn't teach you how to be an independent thinker, stay out of debt, or to become a well-rounded person. Especially, how to you can live a well-balanced life.

xoxo, Roshel Waite

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