Roshel Waite

Roshel Waite is an internet entrepreneur, editor and founder of Roshel In A Rush, content creator and YouTuber. She is also a director of a Community Interest Company and a Freelance Model.

How I Can Help You

I’m a quick study!

Helping students like you, learn about things not taught in schools, so you can better navigate young adulthood.

From boosting your grades, managing your money and achieving your goals to tips to organise your life and get your act together. I’ve got you covered, so you can: 

- escape that broke student cliché, 

- get more done with less effort, 

- have more fun.

It is my hope that the content I post help you in some way to prepare for adulthood. I spent over two decades of my life in schools and I don’t believe it prepared me for life as an adult. This was extremely disappointing, and tbh I’m still kinda bitter about it (I’m 29 y/o at time of writing this). Lol”

Zy and Roshel

Me and my bestie!

Get To Know Me

  • I was born & raised in Jamaica.
  • Currently I live and studied in England, UK.
  • I'm completely addicted to Piña colada, I have to order it when it’s on the menu.
  • Being a bit impatient is one of my flaws- so I love ordering things from Amazon and getting it delivered through next day prime delivery. I don’t like waiting and it is known as the ‘everything store’.
  • Walking the aisles of Ikea is one of my favourite things to do. I’m a visual person and seeing the effort they put into their displays is really, pleasantly stimulating for my brain.
  • Helping people feeds my soul, so I like to help in anyway I can. I don’t like being around negative minded people or people who try to take advantage of my generosity in a negative way.
  • My Grandmother and Auntie raised me after the passing of my mother when I was a child. I have a lot of siblings from my father side, some of which I have never met (I’m hoping to change this). I have two siblings from my mother’s side (brother & sister). I’m closest to my older brother who also lives in England.
  • Keeping close friends is important to me, but I also have a best friend. We’ve been friends for over a decade and still going strong till this day. Friendship like ours is hard to find- she’s so thoughtful and awesome.
Roshel Waite

Me and my 1st class law degree


By Day

After studying Law at university for 3 years I decided to put it to good use. I’m a director at WD Legal a community Interest Company based in Manchester. I'm also managing our social media account for Facebook and Instagram.

I enjoy helping my community and doing charity work when I can but that doesn’t pay the bills so I do have an actual day job.

I also work as a flexible agency worker for Indeed Flex, a job agency which has odd jobs available across all industry. Having control over my time is very important to me and the way I want to live my life.

I have a lot of flexibility on where and when I choose to work. But lets be honest, with agencies- if you don’t work, you don’t get paid, but that’s true of almost all jobs.

Follow on Instagram:@modelwithroshel

By Night

I’m a model. It’s the only hobby that I’m passionate about and something that I’ve always wanted to do so I take it very seriously. It’s definitely a challenge.

Feel free to follow me on Instagram @modelwithroshel to navigate the modelling industry with me. I make taking selfies look normal-ish.

As you can probably tell, I’m a multi-passionate person so I have a vast interest in alot of things. I plan on being my unapologetically weird self. So, if your down with that, then your in the right place.

xoxo, Roshel Waite

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