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Hey there! Unlock my collection of helpful tools, educational materials and practical resources tailored to empower you on your journey through academia and young adulthood.

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From study guides and career advice to personal development resources, my FREE Resource Library is your go-to destination for unlocking your full potential.

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Ultimate Dorm Room Packing List - For girls

College Packing List for Girls

Ultimate Dorm Room Packing List - For Guys

College Packing List for Guys

Cornell Notes template Bundle

Cornell notes templates bundle

Cornell Notes template Bundle

Meal planner template grocery list free download

Hey, I'm Roshel!

I get it, adulting is hard! Especially when you a student trying to juggle so many different things in this distracted world.

I wasn't the most organised person in the world, but the thing that kept me on track whenever I procrastinated was checklist, trackers and guides.

It helped me organised every part of my life (I swear by them!), so I was never late to turn in an assignment or turned up late for an exam.

We can all use a little helping hand, so consider this FREE Resource Library me helping you out. Let's learn & grow together! ????



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