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Step 1:  Get to know Roshel in a Rush

Hi, I'm Roshel, the creator of Roshel in a Rush. 

When I started college, I loved it but I hated Maths. I failed it many times in high school so I had to do it again and again until I finally passed it in college. It was one of the core subject that I needed to pass to be able to graduate.

I was embarrassed, very few people knew I struggled with Maths in college because I was getting A's & A* in my other classes. I have always been a good student- I sit at the front of my classes, I never forgot due dates, I almost always did my homework but I always found learning difficult and there was a reason why (I had dyslexia- but didn't know it). The struggle was real and there was hardships along the journey. I took a long break after college and got comfortable in employment (for way too long).

Eight years later, I studied Law at Edge Hill University and graduated with a First Class Law Degree. How? I got organise and decided to level up my life, I was prepared to concur, it was a choice and I'm glad I made it because it lead me to my purpose.

Are you ready to level-up?

Roshel Waite


Step 2: How can I Help You

We categorised our posts into sections to help you better navigate the site. We divided it into sections such as:

  • Study Smart- all posts about studying, productivity, essay writing, time management, organisation and studying for exams.
  • Lifestyle and Living- all posts about life hacks, home décor, health and wellness, relationships, advice to help you make the most out of your student life.
  • Finance and Freedom- all posts about money management, finding flexible jobs that fits around your schedule.
  • Foodie- all posts about food, healthy and delicious eating.
  • Tools and Tech- all posts about equipment/ apps and more that will make your life easier to manage.
  • Roshel Recommended- all posts about products and other things I swear by that helped make my life easier and will help you too.
  • UK Seasonal Holidays- all post about New Year's, Good Friday, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Boxing Day.


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Roshel Waite

My purpose

Roshel Waite - Editor and Creator of Roshel in a Rush

"I believe the generation that came before should 'pay it forward' for those students coming up behind us- let's learn and grow together!"

Let's get started. Are you ready?.

You do not need to be in college, university, or any traditional institution to be a student, as long as you are learning something, and willing to learn to improve your skills and life, you are a student in the school of life.

We encourage you to explore this site to see what Roshel In A Rush has to offer you!


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